狀態 離線
IP 地址
端口 25565
類別 主題伺服器
擁有者 夏至
投票 8
最喜愛 0
本月點擊 14
國家 China CN
運行時間 98%


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hey everyone!Want to play a high degree of freedom minecraft server?There are no blocks that can't be broken There are no areas that cannot be built There are no inaccessible areas …Almost no one even cares about your game behavior!Unless you get the server stuck or exploit a server Vulnerability Otherwise no one will kick you out of the game!We even agree to limited use of hackers!This may sound like the well-known 2b2t server.But not so! Our server just started! It's all players who really decide the direction of the server!A cheating server like 2b2t? Or a harmonious player community?We leave the decision to you!We give the management of the world to the players! Just like reality, players are free to form a police force to catch cheating players!That sounds cool, doesn't it!I bet it's a very fun game!Give players freedom! This is an international server!We welcome players from all over the world!Want to make foreign friends! Please come! by the way! We protected the birth site, we opened the random transmission system! Just type /tpr in the chat box and you can land safely! info: version:1.16.3 java waiting for you!!!!